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Fusion Solar Panels are of the highest quality material in the industry...
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Harness the suns power to provide electricity
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Anything can go here. #
Anything can go here. #

Solar Panel Options

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Sunlight into Electricity

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Smart Investment

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Fusion Solar Mission

"Fusion Solar is committed to supplying and installing the highest quality systems to your satisfaction. With over 40 years experience in the electronics industry, we have a passion for the renewable energy effort making the world a better place for the future for our families. We will work with you to design a custom system for your house based on your individual needs. Come join us in exploring the benefits and incentives of "Going Green" for your family."





Our most abundant energy source, the sun, is captured by the solar panels on this home. Solar panels, also often called solar modules, installed on the roof, are made up of photovoltaic cells (PV cells).


The cells direct sunlight and convert the energy into direct current (DC power). This DC power is generated from the solar panels and then sent to an inverter which acts to "convert" the DC power into alternating current (AC power). The AC power travels along conductor wiring to the homes electrical panel where it can be used by your home to power everything from your air conditioner to a hair dryer.


The meter on the outside of your home installed by your local utility company measures your electrical consumption. Thus when your solar energy system creates more power than you need, your utility meter actually spins backwards. By spinnng backwards you create credit with your utility company and this credit can be used toward future electric bills or even sold back to the utility company for use by other consumers. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!





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